Alligator Crab Crusted Burger – VR to BallisticBBQ

This is a video response to Greg’s Contest with BallisticBBQ. I want to thank him and all the sponsors for putting this together. I went out of my arena and cooked with lump and used an exotic meat.
I wish everyone luck on this contest and look forward to seeing everyones video!!

600 Subscriber Drawing

1. Red Knife Sharpener – beautifulari5
2. Green Knife Sharpener – GourmetCullinaryArts
3. Cedar Plank – ninjatoad3
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How to Minion Method (Off Set Smoker)

This is an explanation on how to use the Minion Method on your offset smoker. It can also be used on other kettles or WSM. It will lengthen your basket burn time by several hours. I used my custom Gator Pit (Offset) basket for this demonstration.

Smoked Beef Brisket- (how to trim)

Here I am showing how I aggressively trim a brisket. I am using my Gator Pit off-set smoker to bbq. I used my stoker to aide me in making the cook more simple. I used Hickory and Pecan through out the cook.

Dry Age Ribeye – Part1 (Weston Pro 2300)

Dry aging your beef could not be any easier and it can all be done from the comfort of your own home. Thats right, with the help of a product from Umai you can dry age your beef safely and easily. Dry aging will intensify the beef flavor as well as break down the muscle fibers in the meats to make a more enjoyable experience. This process is lengthy and thus one of the reasons why its so expensive if purchased elsewhere. This video is how I used my Weston Pro 2300 vacuum sealer with the UMAI product. It was a little challenging but I am sure it will be well worth it. You can do this with almost any vacuum sealer. After the meat is vacuumed sealed, you must keep it in a well ventilated refrigerator thats at 35F – 38F for 28 DAYs. At that time you can take the meat out and prep it for use and I will show that process so please stay tuned.

600 Subscriber Giveaway Contest (Ends June 10, 2012)

I personally want to thank all of my subscribers for supporting me and watching my channel. The rules are simple, and are as follow 1. You must be a suscriber to my channel (old or new) 2. You must leave a comment on this video 3. Contest Ends Jun10th 2012 PST 4. Drawing will be the following day. The prizes are as follow 1. Knife Sharpener (red) 2. Knife Sharpener (green) 3. A “gift certificate” $20.00 Value for Cedar Planks (Nature Choice) If you live in an area where they cant be shipped to, I will get you a 20 Amazon Gift card. You can not substitute this prize for gift card if you live in an area where the Cedar Planks can be shipped. 4. Kindle Version of “Low and Slow” by Gary Wiviott 5. Kindle Version of “Smokin” by Myron Mixon I used all of these products and thought you might enjoy them as well. Thanks again for all the support!! Allen